adRevenue Hosted Text Ads Software

Category: Other - Tools & Utilities

AdRevenue is a no-compromise powerful ad serving solution. With adRevenue, you can start serving Text Ads, Banners and Freeform HTML in multiple zones on your website in no time at all. Profit from the hard work you put into your website with AdRevenue. Be up and running quickly! Advertisers can quickly purchase ads and have them show up on your site or your network of sites within minutes. Our no-limitation, no-compromize solution allows you to setup multiple ad rates, serve multiple banner sizes, totally customize innovative Text Ads (like Google AdWords), and include free form HTML ads You're not limited! You can setup multiple ad zones, multiple ad rates for each zone, sell ads CPC, CPM or Daily. Date: 07 July, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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