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Affiliate Complete is our time tested, award-winning affiliate software solution. With a MySQL database system to ensure there is no lag or corruption, this software can easily handle many tens of thousands of affiliates. It is the best and most complete affiliate solution for private business in its class. Affiliate Complete has the capability of tracking four different types of affiliates: raw clickthrus, unique clickthrus, onetime sales and recurring sales. Perl Script Features: Admin: -Automatic or manual affiliate approval -Adjust the members area to look and feel anyway you like to integrate with your sites design -Records and displays statistics for more then one site -View how many affiliates are currently in the system -View total commissions paid out to affiliates to date -View commissions owed to affiliates up to a certain point (I.E. first of the month) -View daily, monthly, and yearly payouts -View total raw clickthrus per affiliate -View unique Clickthrus per affiliate -Create a full report for all commissions due -Create a report for only commissions that reach a certain amount -Show clicks and sales by site Sales Management: -Pay out different commissions for different products -Tracks sales through both cookies and/or CGI -Allows manual entry of sales, great for telephone orders -Manual or Automatic affiliate sales approvals for the option of crediting affiliates with sales after verification -Attach a unique transaction number to each sale automatically -Generates monthly statements automatically -Sales report emailed to each affiliate at the end of each sales period -Export you're a pay period to QuickBook for automatic Check Printing Affiliates Section: -Affiliates have a complete sales statistics area they can log in and view -Affiliates can see how much they have been paid and how much the are owed -With cookies, affiliates can direct traffic to any page of your site and still receive commissions for sales made there. Date: 12 January, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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