Affiliate Niche Script

Category: PHP - Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Niche Script is feature rich in highly innovative and exclusive features not seen in any other competing product.Browser auto-detection within ANS will automatically render pages using an iphone / iPod Touch template available in the ANS package. Check out the Demo Site to see how this will look for your store.Each page has access to common variables allowing you to customise page titles and meta tags based on the page's content and relevance to the product/category you are looking at. These settings are easily configured through the admin panel.Once enabled, each visit to a particular product in your website is logged. Statistics for products can be viewed from the admin panel enabling you to determine your sites most popular products and the referring entry url used to find the product.Cart tracking will enable you to gather statistics for which items are being added to the shopping cart as well as when the users checkout items and are transferred to Amazon to complete payment. When the checkout occur's, the total value is stored so you can easily track how much your store has earned for the current day & month.All of the Ajax features in ANS are completely degradable - meaning if the customers browser does not support ajax & javascript technologies then the functionality of the store will continue to work.When a customer uses the search engine, as they type letters in to the search box, ANS will query Amazon for keywords and present the customer with suggestions (similar to Google Suggest). Because we use Amazon Suggest, keywords returned are relevant to Amazon products only, also unique to the store's configured locale. Date: 08 June, 2011


Developer: Danny Connolly

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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