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Category: ASP

This server Behaviors lets you send form data to the server without reload all the page.

The extension use Ajax technology to send form data to the server.

The extension during the Ajax request lock the entire page and show a wait message.

The loading message can be personalized in the title, in the message and in the graphic layout.
The extension has 24 predefined theme or you can create your graphic setup. There is also a site where you can create your own theme based on one of the predefined.
The lock of the page can be personalized in the transparency percentage, in the color and can be apply a fade in and fade out.
- Define a div with your custom message that willbe show on success and on error
- Define the method POST or GET to send data to the server
- Define a page where redirect on success (optional)
- Define a page where send the data (optional)
- Full compatible with all javascript form validation
- Not compatible with server side validation
- Wait image personalized or without wait image
- Personalized title and message of the loading wait messagebox
- Lock body with transparency, color, fade-in, fade-out
- 24 predefined theme or you can create on-line your custom theme Date: 23 November, 2014

Editor Rating: 4 Rating of Ajax form - Dreamweaver Extension

Homepage: http://www.dwzone-it.com/Extension/AjaxForm/default.asp


License: Commercial

Operating System: Not Available

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