Best Ebay Dbay Auction Script

Category: PHP - Auctions

OnlyAdd - Ebay Dbay Auction Script is a complete collection of PHP scripts that will let you run your own profitable Auction site with complete control with a few clicks of the mouse.Benefits You Get:- You will own your script, unlike with other scripts available. - Lowest priced Auction site you can find!Complete list of features:Features :- No flatfile databases - uses binary MYSQL database for superfast performance- Members can modify their data anytime- Syntax and Realtime processing for people selling items supported- Supports proxy-bidding and bidding wars- Automatic auction closing occurs hourly- Emails notices to auction winners and losers- Allows multiple keyword searches- Allows browsing by category- Admin interface allows editing/modify/delete of membership information- Feedback profile and rating system just like ebays- Supports auction reserves, minimum bids, bidding wars, and more.- User registration, feedback ratings for users, proxy bidding, automatic batch closing done hourly.- Much more!. Date: 18 January, 2011


Developer: onlyadd

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux, Unix

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