Category: PHP - Classified Ad Managers

The BosClassifieds Classified Ad System will allow your web site visitors to place their own classified ads to your web site into categories which you specify. Your visitors can enter classified ads for items they wish to sell, or items this wish to purchase. You can even choose what type of classified ads your visitors may post on a per category basis. You may also choose to set classified ad fees on a per category basis which will allow you to charge for classified ads in some categories, and allow for free classified ads in other categories. You may also charge your visitors for featuring the add and other visual upgrades such as bolding the classified ad or displaying the classified ad in italics. The BosClassifieds Classified Ad System allows your visitors to interact with your web site on a whole new level. And we all know that interactive web sites keep their visitors coming back on a regular basis. The latest version now includes notices, jobs, services, coupons, adjustable time frames and more. Installation is free, or you can choose to install it yourself. Upgrades are also free. Date: 27 February, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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