BPGrocery - Grocery Store Supermarket Script

Category: PHP - E-Commerce

BPGrocery is a script for building an easy to use, flexible grocery shopping site. Site users can register, choose groceries from categories, add to cart and pay with paypal accounts - then they will receive the groceries from the store.This script is a multi language script. Registered users have their own panel where they can control data and view the items in the shopping card.User Control Panel:My Orders - Users can view a history of all orders with order price, status and all the items in each order.My Account - Users can manage the personal details and login information.Admin PanelGeneral- Site Settings - Administrator can define general variables that are used on the site such as admin email address, site url, paypal email, delivery cost.- Static Pages - Site administrator can add pages on the site and edit the pages content.Account Manager- Admins - Manage users with admin permissions.- Customers - Admin can view all registered users and manage account details.Store Manager- Info - Define main information and store location.- Gallery - Image gallery of groceries and product descriptions.- Orders - Administrator can view all orders with order details and order status.Products- Product Categories - Administrator can define the grocery categories and category images on the site.- Products - Administrator can manage the products that will be shown on the site, upload product images and define the item description.Languages- Constants - Administrator can define the text for each word in each language on the site.- Languages - Administrator can define the languages that will be used on the site.Emails- Email Templates - Administrator can edit the content on the email sent out on the site.Main Features: * Product Categories * Payment processing module - PayPal * Powerful Admin Panel * Customers registration * Customers account with orders history * Shopping cart. Date: 06 January, 2011

Homepage: http://bpowerhouse.info/grocery-store-supermarket-script.htm

Developer: BPowerhouse

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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