CherryPy Essentials

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CherryPy is a Python library for web development that allows developers to build web applications in the same way as any other object-oriented Python program. Enriched by several years of active development, it has become one of the most established toolkits for building solid and high-performance web applications in Python. What you will learn from this book? -CherryPy installation using the tarball, egg, and subversion -The CherryPy library in depth: its design and how to use it -Using CherryPy with common Python and non-Python products -Object Relational Mapping with SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, and Dejavu -Web Services via REST and the Atom Publishing Protocol -AJAX and client-side scripting via MochiKit Unit, functional, and load testing -CherryPy, Apache, and lighttpd deployment solutions. Date: 18 January, 2014

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SQLObject - SQLAlchemy - Dejavu -Web



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