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ClassiScript was released in 2011 and aims to be one of the best classified scripts for now at a good price. It has two beautiful designs to choose from, each with 4 different color schemes. Also it is very well optimised for SEO, following industry's best practices. It has an intelligent system for fighting spam and duplicate classifieds - it can auto approve certain postings and hold suspicious looking ones for moderation. Of course you can also disable this in case you want to auto-approve all. It supports PayPal payments for premium listings - paid classifieds can appear on top, highlighted, on homepage slider, etc. And last, but not least - it is constantly being improved to make sure it always stays up to date. It has an avarage of one update each month which is available for free to all users. Date: 29 March, 2014

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of ClassiScript



Developer: classiscript

License: Shareware

Operating System: Not Available

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