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This is one software which does both Ip scanning and Ip subnet calc.It is written in Perl with frontend Tk.A subroutine written in c++,is incl into the perl program.For this InlineCPP perl module is used.Developed in Fedora-core-4 Linux environment.This project was done to have most network monitoring works on a same window instead of jumping to commandprompt and browser. IP scanner part: This uses multithreading to print details of the ip addresses in given range.It can scan local subnet and network and check internet reachability,loopback status and gateway functionality. Subnet calculation part: Given an host ip and mask, it will find it's broadcast ip and subnet ip.Given a n/w ip and any one data (no. of hosts, no. of subnets, mask) it will print as a tabular column, the best subnet solution. It is different in that,it has many troubleshooting checks with easy interface in a single sheet.It has many local computer details in a single sheet.It has hints for the users about subnet. Date: 13 March, 2011


Developer: karthika

License: Shareware

Operating System: linux

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