Country Redirect Lite - redirect by country

Category: PHP - Miscellaneous

Country Redirect Lite is a geoIP redirect script (geo targeting script) that offers the right option for allowing to redirect the people who visits your website and this is based on the country they are from. This script provides an easy way to manage the bandwidth (avoiding crashes or other bandwidth issues) and optimizing earnings.Country Redirect Lite Features: full source code, compatible with Linux, Unix and Windows servers; Easy Installer for a very simple installation; Easy geoIP db importer/updater; it allows one redirection rule (one destination) per country regardless of the number of pages in the website. Country Redirect Lite is a unique PHP GeoIP script (geo targeting script) that redirects visitors based on their countrya€™s IP address. Date: 09 August, 2011

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License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux

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