Fake Traffic / Visitors Sofware!

Category: PHP - Web Traffic Analysis

Our Fake Visitors Software sends as many unique hits a day as your server can handle. Using our Powerful Software, it routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers which can be defined by you. Even banners on your site get impressions! This is the most advanced software of its kind. It is not only a fake hit generator, but it can in conjunction with your ad tracker improve your site profits. Our fake traffic software is absolutely one of its kind on the web. WATCH YOUR PAGE STATS MOUNT UP! All the traffic sent by our fake visitors software is unique and shows up as unique in your website and server stats. It uses as minimal server resources as possible and can be configured to run for as long as you wish. It can even send fake traffic to multiple websites specified by you, the webmaster. Date: 26 March, 2011

Homepage: http://www.fakevisitors.com

Developer: fakevisitors.com

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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