Forced Matrix Powerscript

Category: ASP - Miscellaneous

Have you ever wanted to start an MLM or network marketing business that uses a forced matrix method of commission distribution. Well this script is your answer. This easy to use script enables you to sell products/services, manage your clients and everything else that you wanted to manage your forced matrix. Great features include the feature to create unlimited number of custom matrix mlms, each with their unique number of cycles, charges, payouts and re-entries. Add any product and associate that product with your plans. Has an easy to use user management and payment management admin. Has inbuilt support for evocash, egold, stormpay and paypal. The system can manage unlimited number of users. Newsletter module which gives you the feature to send bulk emails to all your users Members get a customized page based on templates. Members can upload their photos Date: 10 August, 2011

Matrix Mlm



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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