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Category: PHP - Form Processing

Form Tools is written for web developers who work on online registration sites, or sites that require any form of information gathering from their online visitors. Put simply, it is a form processor, storage and data access script written in PHP and MySQL, designed to work with any existing web form. With a few minor changes to your form, you can stop using old-fashioned form-mail scripts and instead store form submissions in a database, instantly providing your clients with options such as mass data export via Excel, printer-friendly pages, data sorting, form submission editing and optional email of form submissions to administrators and users. Form Tools is available for free under the GNU public license. See our website for an online demo, documentation, support forums or just to download the code!. Form Tools is an advanced, open source (free!) PHP / MySQL framework for managing forms. Whether you create your forms by hand or through a script, whether your form is in HTML, Flash, Silverlight or anything else - Form Tools can help! Date: 13 October, 2011


Developer: Ben Keen

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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