Category: PHP - Web Traffic Analysis

Get your own Get Paid to SURF AND CLICK Website like, and make extra profits our scripts :: >>MEMEBERS AREA>> - Paid to click area - Upgrade account - Buy credits - Members can report TOS vilations - Adding multiple urls - Changing url - Changing site info - Deleting url - Assigning credits - Changing status - Changing e-mail address - Viewing history - Viewing stats - Earning referral bonuses - Read emails - Click on banners - Exchange credits for money system - Advertising statistics - Paid to click statistics - Detailed earning statistics - Stormpay integrated support - Paypal integrated support - Other payment processors can be added >>ADMIN AREA >> - Extremely high end admin area - Fully customizable script - Easily approve or disapprove sites - Checking abuse reports easily - Easily view sites - Selling credits - Mailing all members - Changing user profile - Changing site information - Changing user name and e-mail address - Assigning additional credits to user(s) - Setting % of credits earned by referrals - Setting amount of bonus credits for referrals - Setting time-out interval - Delete, add, disable or enable sites - Specify viewing time - Specify surf ratio - Specify the deducted amount of credits - Inbox emails maintenance system - Pay per click banners management system - Exchange credits for money system - Banner rotator management - Stormpay and Paypal integrated support Date: 17 November, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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