IG Ecommerce

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IG ecommerce is a mighty open source ecommerce solutions that facilitate variety of products with discounted prices. This professional shopping cart software allows comparison of products thereby providing convenience for shoppers in the online stores. The customers can choose easily if the products are categorized accordingly. IG ecommerce software caters a range of mixed categories allowing users to have a wide platform to choose. Products that are purchased through IG ecommerce software can be shipped to the desired location that is specified by the shopper of the product. Shipping weight for the product is also calculated and included in the price of the product itself. There is one more additional feature that IG ecommerce software renders to esteemed customers. Shoppers can sent gifts in the form of vouchers from their online stores. This is done via email after the authorization of the customer. Date: 10 March, 2014

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of IG Ecommerce

IG Ecommerce

Homepage: http://www.igecommerce.com/

Developer: igecommerce

License: Shareware

Operating System: Not Available

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