Internet Explorer Password Salvage Tool

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Internet Explorer email account password retrieval tool recover deleted lost asterisk passwords (****) of multiple email accounts including online shopping, news group, magazine subscription, online billing, search engine and other windows application accounts. Administrator password recovery software is non-destructive internet explorer password retrieval utility that easily recovers all type of saved passwords including Internet Explorer Auto Complete Form and AutoComplete fields and identity password. Windows XP lost password viewer tool support all multilingual password protected application and saves the recovered password list to user specified location for further reference. MSN password recovery software recovers your deleted password from various version of internet explorer including IE7, IE6, IE5, IE4, IE3 and IE2. BT Yahoo email password recovery software retrieve missing passwords of Web based email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, Orkut and Hotmail etc. Forgotten password recovery software provides user friendly graphical interface and unmask all asterisks password in second time. AOL email password recovery software uncover hidden password that are covered by asterisks of any windows application or any password protected accounts. Features: * Windows application password unmask tool retrieve Internet Explorer saved passwords of any length and save at user specified location in your computer for future reference. * Email password breaker software rescue identity passwords, FTP passwords, IE Auto Form and AutoComplete fields and passwords. * IE password unmask software recovers your lost password from various version of internet explorer including IE7, IE6, IE5, IE4, IE3 and IE2. * Internet Explorer password recovery wizard support all Windows based operating systems including Windows 98, 2000, server 2003, ME, NT, XP (Home, Professional, Media Center) edition and Vista. Internet explorer password recovery utility unmask lost IE saved passwords tool retrieve forgotten windows application login details hidden behind asterisks character software recover deleted email newsgroup accounts web forms entrance information Date: 10 July, 2011

Free Lost Password Recovery - Password Breaking Tool - Lost Windows Password Recovery - Login Password Recovery - Forgotten Password Recovery


Developer: Windows Data Recovery

License: Shareware

Operating System: Windows

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