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Category: PHP - Miscellaneous

Security / Login & Membership Features * Protect individual pages of your website or protect entire directories using .htaccess / htpasswd features. * Secure pages with different subscription access or secure pages with global (all member) access. * Easy copy and paste code security. Be up and running quickly! * Fast-login IP memory makes it even easier for your new customers to access your members only area. * Lost password recovery system.Billing & User Automation Features * Member accounts are created automatically and instantly after subscription signup. Member login information is chosen before ordering and/or delivered into the members email inbox after purchase. * Accept Paypal and Paypal direct credit card payments. * Free trial period, recurring payment and non-recurring payment support. * Multiple billing options / lengths available for each subscription that you operate.Admin Panel Features * Create as many different subscriptions as you need. * Create custom email templates which can be assigned to your subscriptions and will be sent along with signup information when you get a new subscriber. * Advanced sales reporting, which includes daily average reports, subscription specific earnings & a great deal more. * Copy and paste Paypal button subscription code into your website or link to your subscription using our robust order page. * A simple comma delimited mailing list is included for easy import into your favorite mailing list software. * Create free members and modify existing members information.Order Page & Subscription Setup Options * You can link directly to the iSubscribe 2.x order page for any subscription in your iSubscribe 2.x database from anywhere on your website, via email link, etc. The order page includes all billing options available for your subscription in an easy-for-your-customer to navigate system. * If you prefer the Paypal Payflow standard subscription buttons, you will also have the option to copy and paste subscription buttons generated by iSubscribe 2.x anywhere into your website.Members Control Panel * Members can access their own personal control panel to access their billing history as well as change their account information / login password etc.Technical Brief * Note*This is software for your website / web server. * Programming Language Used : PHP. * Database Type Used : MySQL. * Source Code : Open Source (Not encrypted). * Server OS Supported : All. * Documentation Provided : Installation Guide / Quick Start Guide.Requirements * PHP 4.x+ installed on your server. * (1) MySQL database. * Paypal account.Optional Requirements * N/A. Date: 16 February, 2011


Developer: Arron Rasmussen

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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