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LedAds is the second generation of Ledscripts.com's perl-based banner program. This version offers many improvements over not only the previous version, but also many other ad programs on the market. Features: More secure data storage - Data is now stored in DBM files, helping to prevent data corruption; Two Ad Types - You can use standard ad banners or use your own rich-media adcode (such as the one from an ad company); Random Number Generation - You can now insert random numbers into the Rich-Media (This allows you to dynamically create what ad your ad company may call 'unique keys' for each time the ad is displayed); Image Uploads and Storage - You can upload your ad banners right from the control panel, and let the program take care of all the storage and retrieval; Full Stats - Stats tracked per day, per month, per year and lifetime; and much more. Date: 27 October, 2011

Homepage: http://www.ledscripts.com/free/perl/ledads

Developer: ledscripts.com

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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