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As Magnet Commerce is a web-based ecommerce solution, merchants do not have to install any software on their PC or worry about servers, internet connections, security issues, backups, smooth upgrades or anything else. All they need to run a successful ecommerce store combined with responsive support are included in the monthly subscription fee.Many ecommerce software products started out as do-it-yourself services and have now turned into something better left to professionals. Magnet commerce is not one of them. Average computer users may well be able to setup and run their company?s ecommerce store themselves, but they may require some professional graphic design help to make their store as unique as their company. They can get this help at an affordable rate, bundled with the setup cost of Magnet Commerce or they can select any freelance graphic designer.Magnet Commerce is the brainchild of years of ecommerce research and experience. All ecommerce functionality is already in place optimized for maximizing the conversion rate of visitors to customers. New merchants can get started in one day and build an online catalog similar to the most known shops worldwide. Date: 05 April, 2011


Developer: Siteowners

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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