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Medoxis is an intuitive emr, electronic medical records software, designed specially for physicians, who have no time to pass on trainings or typing records.

With an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) documentation system like Medoxis, youll find that you spend less time working with your transcriptions and more time with your patients. Your records will be more detailed and accurate than ever before. Important medical information is now dynamic; available any time, anywhere. Medoxis is based on the mentality of mobility, all your information is in one Data File and portable, you can work within your network conduit or directly accessed by an external drive. Your critical information is safe and portable, available wherever you are. Date: 02 January, 2013

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of MEDOXIS

Digital Medical Records - Digital Medical Software - Ehr - Electronic Health Record - Electronic Medical Record - Emr - Emr Medical Records - Medical Record Software


Developer: medoxis

License: Shareware

Operating System: Not Available

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