MLM Cash Randomizer

Category: PHP - Miscellaneous

And more than 50 scripts. Our cash randomizer is a great money generating site that is Multi-Level-Marketing based. This MLM site requires members to join after they pay other members and the admin based on a three tier system. Upon receipt of all payments, a users account is created where they receive a promotion URL (if they wish to promote), check their stats, and be added to the site rotation for payments from signups made under their account rotation. The site is a multi-level-system that send unlimted payments various payment processor accounts accounts which is done through three steps. Step 1: Pay the member who referred the new member $5. Step 2: Once the payment is complete, the new member will be automatically redirected to the second payment page where they pay one member chosen by the system at random $5. Step 3: After step two is complete they are again directed to pay the admin $2.50. All payments go directly to the members accounts including the admin's so no one has to wait for payments. Date: 18 April, 2011


Developer: Cleoman

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux

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