MX Shop

Category: PHP - E-Commerce

For Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to create integrated e-commerce solutions (frontend and backend), MX Shop is a turnkey dynamic website template - a real 'assembling line' to create e-shops for your clients. Unlike most of the PHP shopping cart scripts that miss Dreamweaver integration or propose a limited feature set, our product is designed for seamless editing in Studio MX and MX Kollection, allowing you to change visually most of the shop application logic and product properties. Features: --Easy to customize the business rules because we rely on MX Kollection and MX Kart; --Ease of administration ?manage products in categories; --Easy to adapt to your look and feel using Dreamweaver MX or Studio MX; --User friendly customer registration process; --Allow dynamic product properties; --Flexible support for payment processors; --LAMP/WIMP compatible; --Tight integration with Dreamweaver MX and the MX Kollection. MX Shop currently supports: PHP_ADODB and PHP_MySQL. Date: 26 February, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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