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ORBITMLM is the ideal software for such task. With it multi-faced approaches and egold enabled auto payment to1) your digital downloads2) Downlines management3) Endless referral width and depths4) Incentives reward system5) Easy yet power admin controlsORBITMLM is the solution for your multilevel sellingMLM is short for multilevel marketing. This solutions let you earn in more than 1 way. Through digital products selling, through 1st level direct referring; 2nd to x level referrals incentives; pairing bonuses (coming soon); binary bonus (coming soon)ORBITCODERS ORBITMLM features in short :Customizable newsletters to membersSkin enabled template systemEasy header and footer design systemForm enabled contact usSecure egold integration - all alternate passphase neededCustomizable email templateUnlimited depths for referral systemChoice of fixed or % rate for referral fees between referral levelsCategorized download sectionUnlimited sub category for download sectionControl of membership fees and number of days to expiryTransaction system - storing all transactionsCron script - auto payment to members and downlinesAdmin control of what the <admin> <upload> <temp> folders are known. Date: 15 September, 2011

Homepage: http://www.orbitcoders.com/product/orbitmlm/basic/index.html

Developer: Orbitcoders

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux

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