Pay-Per-Click XML Feed Parser

Category: PHP - Ad Management

The script parses XML feed from pay-per-click (PPC) networks and fetches ads to the browser. Output format is controlled by template. The script will eliminate the possibility of unintentional fraud by optionally using JavaScript to output ads (with URLs divided into small chunks). This will prevent any automatic software (such as search engine spiders, etc) from following such links. Also you can override default sorting order of XML feed (by default, the ad with highest cost-per-click value will always come first) by introducing keyword multipliers. For example, an ad that contains the word "free" is likely to generate more clicks than an ad packed with dollar signs, which means that the first ad can be more profitable even with lower cost-per-click value. Using this script, you can assist ads that you believe will have higher click-through rate (the parameter which is not taken into account by PPC networks when serving XML feed). Date: 21 September, 2011


Developer: Ilya S. Lyubinskiy

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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