ProtecPro Lite Gallery

Category: ASP - Image Galleries

Similar to ProtecPro Museum Gallery, as it offers all the same ammenaties. Created to fill a need for a similar product at a greatly reduce price for people who have substantial image collections, but do not have the needs of a museum. Allows only 500 images display, cataloging and search capability, while protectiing full-view high resolution images. This is while giving your visitors the best in virtual experiences. Allows your visitors to experience your full-view images as they were meant to be seen in "full-view" not some image slightly bigger than the thumbnail image. It uses a MySQL database and search capabilities, includes a thumbnail generator, locks images to your site only. Date: 23 April, 2014

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of ProtecPro Lite Gallery

ProtecPro Lite Gallery


Developer: invisitec

License: Shareware

Operating System: Not Available

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