Residential and Commercial Rental Management System

Category: PHP - Business & Enterprise

Residential and Commercial Rental Management System. Manage your rental commercial and residential units through this all-inclusive system. Upload walkthrough community and unit tours, IPIX virtual tours, floorplan images, community PDFs, Commercial Unit PDFs. Once uploaded and in place, site visitors can search your database by ammenities, square footage, bedrooms, area, or availability!! This system is perfect for companies that have 30 or more rental units. Site visitors can view availability in a simple organized screen. Site administrators can also market their units by assigning specials to commercial or residential communities or units. This system is like a full time employee that never sleeps, put it to work for you. Proven to reduce your calls to showing ratios by 75%!!!!. Date: 15 November, 2011


Developer: White Iron Data

License: Shareware

Operating System: linux

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