Str Library

Category: C & C++ - Software Development

A high-performance, portable string class library for the C++ developer: Compatible with regular, MFC and ATL - based Windows applications; Works with gcc / g++ for all Linux and other GNU-supported platforms; Faster and more full-featured than STL std::string or MFC/ATL CString; Provides almost 100% plug-in replacement for alternative string classes CString (from MFC) and std::string (STL); Seamless Unicode and ANSI support; Included wizard adds string class support to your project in less than 5 minutes; Full source code and documentation; Royalty-free distribution. Str Library uses an innovative semi-automatic technology for sharing strings between threads that eliminates heavy CPU bus penalties associated with other implementations. Date: 16 March, 2011



License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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