TeMPo Maintenance Suite

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TeMPo Maintenance Suite is a fully integrated maintenance application comprising three applications that are also available as standalone modules: Maintenance Planner, Inventory, and Tools Tracker. Available in a single user or multi-user networked based application. Fault Reporting is available as a component of the Maintenance Planner module. When utilized in conjunction with the Inventory program, inventory is deducted, updated, and costed to Work Orders. Data entry fields can be adapted to the user's needs and allow for location, serial numbers, task descriptions, and image entry. Maintenance Plans can be attached to equipment and allow for the import of libraries or user information. Preventive or Corrective maintenance plans can be constructed and Work Orders generated automatically or as required by operational needs. Resource allocation occurs as labor or inventory parts are costed to Work Orders. Labor scheduling by skills and by availability is simplified and accommodates internal or subcontractor skills. There is much more than can be listed here so please visit our site to find out all of the benefits we have to offer? Date: 09 November, 2011

Homepage: http://www.temposoftware.net

Developer: temposoftware.net

License: Shareware

Operating System: All

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