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Our Ultimate Pimp Game script has it all- pimps, thugs, hoes, gangs, cops, guns, stickups, muggings, dope sales, in-site messaging, pimp ranks, Top Pimp display, Pimp Activity, different cities, and much, *much* more! Have your Thugs make crack for fun and profit!Order your Thugs to rob citizens to make even more money!Wage war against other pimps in your city and wipe 'em out!Form gangs to wield even more power in your city or across multiple cities!Collect gang dues to buy special "Gang Thugs" who can't be killed!Run a Turf War against other pimps, kill their thugs, and steal their guns!Perform Drive-By shootings against other pimps and let them know who's boss!Steal hoes from other pimps and have them start working for you!Jack another Pimp's lowriders and drive away laughing!Build your Pimp Empire until you RULE your city! Your users will LOVE this script! Powerful enough to run an entire site as a complete Pimp or Mafia style game, with all the features that a game like this should have (but which most of the others don't). The Ultimate Pimp Game script includes a full Admin Control Panel where you can control every aspect of the game. NO manual editing of configuration files or messing about in the database. Super fast install script gets you up and running in about 1 minute! Engaging graphics and fast game play keep your users coming back day after day after day! Too many features to list- please have a look at the demo URL to see the full range of features in this game. Date: 09 April, 2011

Homepage: http://jetscripts.com/ultimate-pimp-script-game-easy-install.htm

Developer: JetScripts.com

License: Shareware

Operating System: Linux

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