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webAffiliate? is a unique affiliate tracking software package that allows you to easily set up and maintain an affiliate base for your site that will earn you commissions and make your sales skyrocket! This fully automated system allows you to pay your affiliates commissions for sales that they refer to your site. Features include 10-level-deep referrals, ad campaigns to track separate marketing methods and statistics detailed down to the hour.From the creators of the popular webDate? matchmaking site software, webAffiliate? offers you a similar level of customizability and ease of installation, without a need for special modules or extensions. Of course, you are also welcome to take advantage of our technical support or free installation services, if desired. Date: 15 January, 2011

Homepage: http://www.webscribble.com/products/webaffiliate/

Developer: Web Scribble Solutions

License: Shareware

Operating System: any

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