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Download web site back link reporting tool handle details of exchange reciprocal link, website links and direct links of websites. Back link tracking utility tool sends emails automatically from pre-mentioned email list when publisher URL not found on advertise URL. Websites direct URL analysis utility describes details of exchanging website in CSV (comma separated values) as well as text files formats. Reciprocal link availability checking utility tool reports total number of back links on advertiser site from a user defined website list. Back links program tool help to increase page rank of your website and maintain status of distributed publisher link on advertise website. Webpage back link reporting utility generates report in text and html file format as user choice. Software has attractive graphical user wizard that provides easy working environment. Back track link evaluation and monitoring tool handles detail of links on advertiser website. Reciprocal link analysis tool supports windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 20003, XP and Vista operating systems. Features: * Back link analysis tool checks and monitors the status of reciprocal links of your websites. * Software tool stores infinite number of website profiles. * Website links analysis software tool handles details of direct link, java script link and reciprocal link. * Reciprocal link analysis software generates back link and generates report in HTML or TXT format. * Software supports windows 98/2000/2003/NT/ME/XP/VISTA operating system without degradation of system performance. * Reciprocal link status recording software has attractive graphical user interface. Date: 15 July, 2011


Developer: USB Drive Data Recovery

License: Shareware

Operating System: Windows

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